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Anycubic Photon Printer Owners 造訪社團 » ROS

原文網址 Robert Small
2020-03-30 02:45:21

Okay so I didn't know this was going to come on this soon but the doctor warned me!
I have hypothyroidism and it does interesting things to the body and in my case at is turn the palms of my hands and my fingers into duct tape!
No not sticky it's sticky enough that it stretches the skin between the fingers when I separate them!
Why am I telling you all of this gross stuff?
because now I can't tell if the parts are clean after they go through different regimes the cleaners.
They're probably incredibly clean but I cannot tell because of my sticky fingers.
So I think I'm feeling the residue of the cleaner and I'm going to attempt a hot water dish soap soak.
What I'm saying is find a way you don't have to stop what you're doing from some small mality.


Aiden Sone
2020-03-30 03:02:03

Take your synthroid and wear some gloves. :)

Robert Small
2020-03-30 03:05:09

Aiden Sone well after there clean my fingers say not!
Ya I have been on it now for years and we knew it was going to come to this and we were going to have to find changes. I'm digging in now to find out how much of it could be corrected by diet.

Benjamin Cole
2020-03-30 04:23:14

So you're a gecko!?

Robert Small
2020-03-30 04:32:13

Benjamin Cole Need insurance?

Ed Gaulton
2020-03-30 09:45:00

Robert Small Best answer EVER!!!! You win the internet, dude!!

Benjamin Cole
2020-03-30 09:58:30

Ed Gaulton reference game on point

Robert Small
2020-03-30 10:12:16

Who's serve is it?

原文網址 Joe Bone
2020-03-29 21:46:07

So after doing my first print last night which was alright until I snapped the leg re.oving support. My photon has now developed 2 problems today. 1 it pops up with memory card error. If I tap the confirm it works fine if not it stops the print. A pain as I have to sit the watching it. 2 it randomly drops power for about 1 sec then boots back up.

Anyone come across these problems before? Any help is greatly appreciated


Jason Willis
2020-03-29 21:50:46

First use a new USB stick if you're using the one that came with the printer. Second make sure if you're plugged into a surge protector, 1. It's new 2. It's not overworked

Joe Bone
2020-03-29 21:53:26

the USB isn't new but is a sandisk one. and currently plugged straight into the mains in the garage. only had the light and printer running today compared to last night with the heater and laptop as well. or do you mean i need a surge protector?

Jason Willis
2020-03-29 21:55:09

Joe Bone sounds like you need a new surge protector for just the printer. This happens a lot on normal printers and large current drawing devices

Joe Bone
2020-03-29 21:56:02

will have a look and sort one suprised as it printed fine last night but not today

Jason Willis
2020-03-29 21:56:52

Joe Bone is it plugged directly into the wall?

Joe Bone
2020-03-29 21:57:53

yeah directly into a mains socket.

Jason Willis
2020-03-29 21:59:01

Joe Bone GFI or regular?

Joe Bone
2020-03-29 21:59:59

Regular 3 pin outlet

Jason Willis
2020-03-29 22:08:55

Joe Bone ok then that shouldn't be it. Let's talk about temperature. You said it's in the garage. Does the power brick have a sufficient amount of airflow across it or is it buried behind a counter or something?

Joe Bone
2020-03-29 22:17:00

Sat on the counter behind not a huge amount of air flow but also bloody cold out there atm

Jason Willis
2020-03-29 22:23:05

Joe Bone so I would guess, either it's a fluke or a possibly bad power supply. If it's the power supply it'll start happening more often

Joe Bone
2020-03-29 22:31:58

Happened about 4 times today. Have given up for now until I got advice Haha. Will get looking for a new power supply was a secondhand photon anyway.

原文網址 Ryan Smith
2020-03-28 22:58:50

Could anyone help me with these lines. I don't think its z wobble. The lines are perfectly uniform. So there are 2 sets. The strait lines that go right across. And the wavy lines you can see on the raised section. . I'm using anycubic grey ecoresin. All prints up to this point have been perfect.


Cobra Technica
2020-03-28 23:05:07

Hmm. I'm new to this, so I have no idea. Curious myself though

Anders Jens Ramm
2020-03-28 23:05:59

Totalt of topic, but what is the model on the second picture?

Ryan Smith
2020-03-28 23:09:55

Anders Jens Ramm they are both pieces of titan forge "the forge"

Anders Jens Ramm
2020-03-28 23:15:26

Ryan Smith ah ok ? ?

Gary Slovinsky
2020-03-29 00:51:38

I got you beat, my last print had evenly spaced half-tubes along the vertical face. Really bizarre. But i might have an idea what caused it. I accidentally deleted my photon from chitubox. I reloaded the default photon settings, but i believe i set it up wrong to a DLP mirror printer instead of a LCD mirror one.

And I need to update my firmware from 4.2.12 to 4.2.18 so I can take advantage of anti-aliasing.

Ryan Smith
2020-03-29 00:52:18

Gary Slovinsky could be supports melting into the model.

Gary Slovinsky
2020-03-29 00:58:52

Ryan Smith nope. Its s vertical surface and i neglected to mention the half tube shapes were parallel to the build plate not vertical. And no supports were used. The STL was from thingiverse to make the easy leveling jig.

原文網址 Jonathan Nunes
2020-03-25 01:08:30

Hi, guys. How u all? I would like to know if I can clean the resin pieces with kerosene. I don't know what to do. Because these things about covid19, alcohol is not too easy to find. I don't know the options here in Brazil.. do kerosene works?


Ray Sears
2020-03-25 01:13:14

It would probably work but there are better options. My local hardware store had plenty of acetone and denatured alcohol.

Sen Kun
2020-03-25 04:30:45

Kerosene works well, just stinky and oily. You're in Brazil, Ethanol works great.

原文網址 Chiewata
2020-03-24 14:08:26

Despite Movement Control Order I managed to collect my Photon S from Fedex 40km away from my home crossing 2 cities, armed with an email from FedEx I pass thru police and army checkpoints without much problem.

I find that the shipping box is very useful as a protective shield in case we want to keep the resin in the tray for our next print later of the day, it complete seal off any light from affecting the resin.

儘管有移動控制令, 我還是設法從離我家40公里以外的聯邦快遞到我的光子s, 並攜帶來自聯邦快遞的電子郵件, 我通過警察和軍隊檢查站, 沒有甚麼問題.

我發現, 裝運箱作為保護盾牌非常有用, 以防我們想把樹脂放在托盤里, 它完全封住任何光線, 以免影響樹脂.

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Michael Pollard
2020-03-24 14:35:23

I keep resin in my vat for weeks on end with no cover. No issues at all, I just give it a stir with that plastic spatula thing that comes with the machine.

Even went on vacation for 4 weeks with a print halfway through. Got home and all fine. Print turned out great, gave the resin a stir and started up the next print.

2020-03-24 14:55:18

Michael Pollard I am coming from the age of darkroom so a little sensitive when I was told it’s light sensitive ? ?

Sen Kun
2020-03-24 15:02:36

Movement control order? You mean a lockdown? But you have a FedEx delivery, isn't the whole point of a courier service is that they deliver to your door?

2020-03-24 15:16:20

Sen Kun movement of essential activities only with reason and documents to support, original shipping address is my office which need to close down and shipper prohibit diversion so receiver must present in distribution centre to self collect, if u ask me then Anycubic may hv to answer as their CS told me they can’t change delivery address after the item been courier

Michael Pollard
2020-03-24 15:17:39

Chiewata I was the same way, printed a cover for the vat and was worried.
Than one day I got lazy and soon found out my worry was for nothing. As long as you keep it closed those yellow panels stop all UV.

James Edward
2020-03-24 17:13:55

To pick up my Ender 3 this afternoon, I had to go down to the pickup location (it's at a stationery store), hold my ID to the window, and then step behind a line on the sidewalk until the guy inside brought it outside, placed it on the ground, and then went back inside.

Derek Fontes
2020-03-24 18:59:47

If you have access to a FDM printer then you might want to look into printing a lid for your vat. I use this one and it works great.

Alexius Lim
2020-03-25 00:54:11

Sounds like a movie

2020-03-25 06:08:04

Alexius Lim yes 28 Weeks Later if it still not showing in your place lucky you but most parts of the world are experiencing it live

Alexius Lim
2020-03-25 06:10:02

Chiewata I’m in singapore we were one of the first to have it ? no police or military on the roads tho

2020-03-25 06:12:39

Alexius Lim that’s because your citizens are self discipline over here they are many idiots

Alexius Lim
2020-03-25 06:17:55

Chiewata ? was just interested to know that they set up checkpoints over there.

原文網址 Fabricio Campos
2020-03-22 04:50:29

Hey guys, just finished this dragon based on Lambros Panousios Concept. I did the 3d model btw (The first image is a 3d render). First time using Esun resin, quite happy with how this came out.

Hope you like it.


Phillip Stokes
2020-03-22 04:53:46

Giga Bowser? That you?

Jorge Malheiro
2020-03-22 05:48:49


原文網址 Conan Lloyd
2020-03-19 23:15:12

Pawns and Rooks printed. First 2 Bishops on the plate, will keep my fingers crossed for the next 8 hours.

On a related note, my primer and Rub n’ Buff arrive today so I can start priming today or tomorrow.


原文網址 Mike Kendel
2020-03-18 01:14:19

I've been using the Proton now for about a month and gotten somewhere around a dozen prints under my belt. Would have done more buy I'm learning Fusion 360 as I go and so making the computer models is going pretty slowly. That said, there are a couple of things that I've found and will be interested in hearing feedback on: I am now setting all of my models at an angle and using supports. The few prints I've tried that were flat to the plate had a marked tendency to pull off the build plate or separate and muck up on the FEP. I am using fewer supports than I did at first but spreading them out so that the models don't "wobble" when they pull off the FEP. I never disturb the machine while it's printing. In my experience, (your mileage may vary!), pressing the "Pause" or even opening the front cover will result in visible layer offset or surface waves. When I just let it print, this doesn't happen. I've gotten one "flaky" .STL file out of Fusion so far. When you are looking at your file in the slicer and see strange objects or sliced edges that should be smooth when you look at them in cross-sections are not smooth. Dump it and try another .STL generation. If that doesn't work, look carefully at your computer model and clean up anything questionable. I know that all of you experienced folks out there will probably think this is pretty basic but I would be interested in hearing any opinions that are different than mine or reinforcement of similar experiences. I'm also including a couple of pictures of the front & rear tire/wheel assemblies for the Chaparral 2H that I'm building. Again, comments are appreciated. Happy Printing to All! MK 翻譯年糕

Vedran Kalamiza
2020-03-18 01:21:20

You can use Meshmixer to check and repair your STL files.

Jason Gill
2020-03-18 01:37:48

Those tyres are ace :)

Merv Hinton
2020-03-18 01:37:53

All experiences welcomed,much appreciated.. Supports need to be all around the extremities,to force printing of the edges..especially corners.. have found a marked benefit by orienting off the bed...30 degrees off horizontal and maybe 10 degrees sidewa ys tip..on none round objects..obviously :) and lift speed..the vacuum effect off the FEP..another potential problem area often overlooked... https://www.chitubox.com/article_howto_17839_3_38.html

Ryan Jones
2020-03-18 01:49:27

Mike Kendel are your wheel assemblies 1 or 2 pieces (tires separate from rims)? I’ve found for my two piece wheel models, I get more uniform and precise roundness by orienting the parts parallel to the build plate. I need +/- .004” for a good mate between the two pieces. What scale are yours? They look great!

Grant Weaver
2020-03-18 01:51:56

Ryan Jones I do the flat orientation with wheels and tires as well.

Jeremy Babcock
2020-03-18 02:23:18


Mike Kendel
2020-03-18 03:23:56

The current designs are combined wheel/tire, (1 piece). I had some issues with the wheel print rims separating from the wheel body when I printed them flat. I've noticed some issues with distortion in the tire bodies when they are "hot off the press" but they seem to normalize after cleaning, (I use warm water and an ultrasonic bath for up to 10 minutes). I checked a couple of the wheel prints, (hadn't modelled the tires yet), an found them to be round to within roughly =/- 0.005 inch and the dimensional accuracy to be about the same. Lastly, all of the parts that I'm making now are for a 1/12 scale Chaparral 2H Can-Am car.

Arri Merenda
2020-03-18 06:29:44

I used to printed the wheel too, but never get perfectly rounded when angled it, so I back to flat with the plate, with support ?

Mike Kendel
2020-03-19 00:25:00

Thank you Jason! The Fusion 360 software I am using for the designs has no capability to put text on a non-flat surface, so the lettering may be a little to high at the edges but I plan to sand it just a bit so it follows the tire sidewalls better before painting them.

Jason Gill
2020-03-19 05:21:36

Looks brilliant to me :)

Rodney Houlford
2020-03-19 10:59:42

Thanks Mike, some great tips, wheels look great

Steve Purita
2020-03-19 12:29:10

Thanks for sharing - no matter how basic someone will find it useful. cheers

原文網址 Christopher Fugate
2020-03-18 00:06:01

I don't know if its because I finally tuned things in right, or if its just because I switched models, but I'm FINALLY up and running!

First mini print was technically successful, it stuck to the build plate and went all the way through. Lost an arm and a tail due to bad supports, apparently, but at least it worked!

Re-oriented and re-did supports, crossing fingers for a perfect print this time! I'm at least hearing a nice rhythmic thumping of the FEP, so at least I know its sticking!


原文網址 Daniel Ferguson
2020-03-16 03:02:04

Anyone know why this is happening with my zero. Some cross pieces are not attached.


Zena Andreou
2020-03-16 03:09:43

Daniel Ferguson
2020-03-16 03:10:52

Brendan Wood
2020-03-16 03:11:47

Daniel Ferguson
2020-03-16 03:12:24

Brendan Wood
2020-03-16 03:13:52

Daniel Ferguson
2020-03-16 03:15:18

Daniel Ferguson
2020-03-16 03:15:29

Brendan Wood
2020-03-16 03:16:51

Daniel Ferguson
2020-03-16 03:17:06

Allison Janssens
2020-03-16 04:00:04

Daniel Ferguson
2020-03-16 04:01:20

Allison Janssens
2020-03-16 04:05:17

Tom Sargison
2020-03-16 05:16:52

Daniel Ferguson
2020-03-16 05:21:34

Tom Sargison
2020-03-16 05:37:33

Daniel Ferguson
2020-03-16 05:38:28


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