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原文網址 Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2019-12-12 13:44:02

After having heat fluctuation last month and fix the problem by wrapping Kapton tape around the heating plate area & nozzle to keep heat steady and it work.

Now, my new problem is having Max-Temp and printer stopped within 10% of print outs only.
What is going on ?

Any input and suggestion will gladly use.
Thank you in advance!


2019-12-13 00:59:27

try replace your thermistor

Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2019-12-13 14:53:08

I was about I replace the terminator when suddenly I found that one of the wire was bend and whimsy. So I solder it again.
I’m back in printig

原文網址 Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2019-11-15 23:32:59

Do anybody know the part number and size for the Disc ceramic heater? And where to get those ?
I need to buy lots of these baby as mine failing due to over use. And Atom shop comes in a kit but don’t need all other parts.


Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2019-11-15 23:33:45

It’s for my atom 2.0

Cherub Shiao
2019-11-16 00:45:38

If u need a lot I can ship to u, but I only have 1.7Ω (80W) and 6.4Ω (22W). It may need at least 7 days to delivery

ATOM 3D Printers
2019-11-16 11:55:09

Hi sir
Our heater is US$12 /pcs (not including shipping fee)
You can e-mail info@atom3dp.com . …… 查看更多

原文網址 Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2019-11-12 12:35:48

Need help badly.
As you can see in the video I upload, it’s been 3 minutes and the temperature doesn’t go up to 220. It looks like fluctuating.
It was printing great last night and now this.
I have change the PTFE tube inside the extruder because it has some burns mark and kinda sticky outside the tube. Test it and flowing smooth again pushing the filaments inside.
Clean any dust or anything and still the same.

正如你在我上傳的視訊中所看到的, 已經3分鐘了, 氣溫沒有上升到220., 看起來像是在波動.
昨晚印刷得很好, 現在這個.
我更換了外出器內的ptfe管, 因為它有一些燒傷痕跡和有點粘. 測試一下, 再順暢地把絲綢推進裡面.
清理任何灰塵或任何東西, 但還是一樣的.

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ATOM 3D Printers
2019-11-12 14:26:37

Hello sir
You can e-mail to support@atom3dp.com
We will reply you as soon as possible.

Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2019-11-13 21:03:09

Any support will appreciate,thank U

Birk Binnard
2019-11-13 21:52:24

That is an unusual problem for sure. It could be a bad thermistor or heater disc, or an intermittent wire connection for either of those. If it were me I'd take the hotend apart and check both of those parts. Maybe one will look bad. If both look ok I'd replace the thermistor first, and if that doesn't fix the problem then replace the heater disk. If the problem still persists check the wiring.

Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2019-11-13 23:07:04

Birk Binnard will do, thanks.
I have one heat disc available if needed.

Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2019-11-17 10:07:18

Actually, when I bought my Atom2.0, I also bought 2 extra set of extruder complete set.
I replace the whole extruder and see if anything change of the problem but still see the heat extruder flactuating.
This really worries me as I really don’t know what else to do.
I don’t want to touch any PID manually coz I may ruined more. Or should I do the failsafe and install the marlin again?

Birk Binnard
2019-11-17 14:13:24

The temperature reading should be steady as a rock. It should increase and decrease at a steady rate. When it has reached the temperature you specify it should not vary more than 1 or 2 degrees.

When you first turn the printer on the temp should read room temperature, because that's what it is. If that varies then you have a wiring or thermistor problem.problem. When you turn on the heater, if the temperature reading varies you may have a problem with the heater disk or it's wiring.

Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2019-11-17 18:35:03

Birk Binnard
I replaced with a new ceramic disc and new thermistor, and check all connections all the way to the board.
Still doing the same problem.
Is there something else did I missed?

Yinka Alade
2019-11-18 09:04:19

You know that thin metal U shaped thing that goes into the hotend assembly? Is that in there? If not, it’ll never reach the full temp as that blocks the fan as well as holds wires in place.

Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2019-11-18 09:16:17

Yinka Alade
It has on it. I even wrap the hot end of kapton tape to sealed the heat.
Recheck all connections of all wires and still the same

Yinka Alade
2019-11-18 10:00:12

hmmm, no clue then. My Atom though doesn't get 220 consistently either, but I typically print in PLA at 195

Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2019-11-18 10:04:25

I can Pre heat up 200 or 240, but my settings to print is 210 degrees and it never reach just fluctuating.
Hate to garbage this machine, an expensive printer

Yinka Alade
2019-11-18 10:13:12

Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino Trust, I've been having issues with this printer since I bought it 3+ years ago. I understand your frustration. It's weird that it'll preheat to that temp, but not hold that temp for a print. I assume you've already tried reinstall the firmware and all of that. That's a weird issue I haven't encountered yet and I've run into MANY with this printer.

ATOM 3D Printers
2019-11-18 10:39:08

Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino Please don't feel that way, you can e-mail your question to support@atom3dp.com , our engineer will help you as soon as possible!

Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2019-11-18 10:53:45

ATOM 3D Printers
I emailed you again after the first response from Atom’s support. And waiting from your kind response, thank U!

Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2019-11-18 23:11:45

The problem was that my office is in the basement cold room and temperature was very cold.
My thermostat in my Atom detecting it and having hard time to adjust.
I am now printing again.
Funny thing is, my wife figure it out.

Please have this for a record for others when they have this same kind of problem

原文網址 Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2019-04-20 22:28:16

Wondering if anyone had the chance to use “iceSL Slicer” ?
I’ve been reviewing and trying to incorporate to ATOM but I need to set the slicer to our delta printer.

Any input will greatly appreciate.



原文網址 Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2019-02-19 06:43:22

原文網址 Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2018-12-29 02:23:34

I have the Atom 2.0 and I know I updated the firmware to 2.0.7 which also reads out in the screen.

My question now, is my printer ready for heat-bed upgrade? Or do I still need to update to different version?

I have bought all the necessary stuff to install a heat-bed, did my research and very confident now that I won’t burn the house. Greatly appreciate for any response guys.


原文網址 Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2018-10-19 08:03:59

Problem with my extruder gear.

It seems that it keep clogging my extruder gear and when printing, it stops extruding filaments and my print outs come nothing.
Any suggestions?
Or should I get a new gear.

Thanks for any response.


Tempo Casper
2018-10-19 08:13:30

Gear look good

2018-10-19 08:46:38

We recommend you change new one. Please sent the mail to info@atom3dp.com .

Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2018-10-19 09:40:55

Will post and video if I see any faulty at the hot end.
Thanks guys

2018-10-19 09:45:35

Do you hear the sound "click, "click", "click" when nothing comes out from extruder?

Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2018-10-22 02:33:23

I check the extruder and find nothing wrong but the only thing I needed was the gear. The sales expert noticed that it was worn out badly and I will need to go with a metal gear.
Plus I found out that the PLA filaments (1kg) was not good (defect) and it was a soft filaments. The gear was eating it (clogging) and not pushing out more to the nozzle.

Cherub Shiao
2018-11-01 07:04:32

the right side gear will be fine, if still can't fix the clogging problem, change more soft spring

原文網址 Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2018-09-09 05:16:02

原文網址 Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2018-09-05 09:13:55

In Kisslicer, my parameter is 3 which means it will make the wall 3 around the wall, but how do you change the bottom and top layer to make it more than 3 ply or in layers?

In Slic3r, you can adjust the top and bottom layers to your likes separated as for the wall parameter.


Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2018-09-05 09:14:34

I just need to make the top and bottom thicker than the wall parameter.

2018-09-05 10:05:24

ah.... here u r

原文網址 Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2018-03-18 13:28:40

HELP !!!
I don’t know what went wrong. My prints use to be in good condition and all of a sudden, after 2 weeks off, my printer does this now.

I have change the extruder to see any clogs, but it’s still good. I check all wiring connections and stepper, and still good.

I can’t print higher than this and tried everything adjusting in Kisslicer too.

Any ideas guys ?


Charlie Ting
2018-03-18 14:09:12

Temperature -20 degrees, check your PLA extrusion

2018-03-18 17:32:08

If u already use it a while.
I think u need replace the PTFE tube inside the nozzle first.


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